Sycamore Springs

Vance, TX


Sycamore Springs, Vance, TX

350 Acre Ranch Springs, Nice improvements

This property is a best buy.  Nice improvements including a 6 bedroom furnished lodge, 3 bedroom seperate bunkhouse, equipment barn, NEW water well, Springs, Canyons, huge views, catfish pond, and more!  

Great water and springs originating on the ranch flow into nice pond area shaded by large hardwoods.  Opportunity for additional water development.  

In addition to native whitetail deer, hogs and turkey, the ranch is proud to raise Gemsbok, Eland, Addax and Blackbuck Antelope, Scimitar-Horned Oryx, Axis, Fallow, Sika and Red Deer, as well as Aoudad and several other varieties of wild mountain sheep.


Improvements - The main ranch headquarters has a nice two-story 6 bedroom, 4 bath lodge with expansive rock patios, large pool room, comfortable lounging areas, massive dining table, cute kitchen, and a card table with views of all the exotic game. About 100 feet away is a neat wood cabin with 3 separated private rooms for overflow guests or to get away from those kids and grandkids! For additional information see property website under the resource link.  Owner/Agent


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